Peak Design Everyday Backpack 20l

The Peak Design Everyday Backpack 30L just not that comfortable on a fully loaded setup. I’m very tolerant so have dealt with sore shoulders on my shoulders hiking for hours, carrying it in the urban cities because I just have this pushing yourself mantra. But for the average person, you’ll want to give your shoulders a rest quite often if you want to avoid neck sores, shoulder sores and pain. It offers great design, solid build quality, and a reasonable level of comfort, even if some of its features seem underdeveloped, and even if the bag itself is a bit heavy and hard. The Everyday Backpack seems well built, and nothing that’s happened while I’ve been testing it says otherwise. You’ve got a strong, hard shell, as well as thick straps that have held up nicely.

I love how big this pocket is and quickly I can get to what I put in there. When I first looked at these I remember thinking, that’s not that great, it’s pretty much splitting this big compartment into 3 smaller ones, which of course is better, but not ideal. You may have noticed that there are some dividers inside the main compartment, and they are what Peak Design calls Flex Fold dividers. Again, I value having the option to overstuff this bag for those rare times when I need it, over the unlikely event that I will be doing that in a rainstorm, because, I’d probably go inside. In addition to these size panels, we also have top access using this patented MagLatch closure system. First, take a look at how easy it is to open, I just lift up and then pull down.

I really like this because it keeps whatever I put here, away from the gear I have inside the bag. But you’ll see, that I can actually take each one of these dividers and pull this little flap, and now I very quickly created some more compartments. So now I can fit smaller items in each of these new sections, and I still have the rest of the shelf to work with.

Weatherproof, 100% recycled 400D nylon canvas shell is DWR impregnated, double PU-coated. Buy and sell used Peak Design gear directly with other customers on the PD Marketplace. Enjoy our Lifetime Guarantee even if you aren’t a product’s first owner. The Everyday Backpack is a great buy for the right person; it will not disappoint. It’s not perfect, but it certainly manages to do a lot of things right. You’ll leave knowing whether the Peak Design Everyday Backpack is right for you.

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The stitching used on the top pocket is gray on the wearer’s right side and black on the left. So you can keep your charged batteries on one side and your dead ones on the other. Whether or not that’s useful is totally up to you, but we like it. You can use those colors to organize your bag, keeping a mental note about what’s in which pocket—whether it’s camera batteries, sunglasses, a power bank, or anything else.

We went without the interior FlexFold dividers for the trip, however taking them out and putting back in after was easy and gave us more ideas for a later trip where we may need to separate out items inside. I’m happy to say the unique origami inspired dividers have held up over the 2 years and regular folds and subfolds over time. They’ve been the best part about the Peak Design Everyday Backpack 30L, mainly because it freely opens up possibilities how you can pack different items when you need to. For storage, It has smart compartments and pockets built away from the main compartment while accessible in their own right. Unzipping the internal portion of the sides reveal different sized slots fit for camera batteries, drone propellers, hard drive or a notepad and pen. The left side of the Peak Design Everyday Backpack 30L contain 2 medium pockets and 2 large pockets, while the right side exchanges these for 3 small pockets and 2 medium, but long pockets.

And, if you want to loop or move one of the straps around to a different location, that’s also quite easy. I managed to create a rear-hanging-tripod system using just a single built-in strap strung through a few loops, which is highly unusual for a bag. Inside, the Everyday Backpack utilizes a unique internal storage system, one that will either drive you crazy or fulfill all your carrying needs. The compartments were primarily intended for cameras and lenses and, although they can be resized by moving the velcro shelves around, they feel a bit awkward to be used for much else.

It needs to be able to handle a ton of different scenarios. It needs to keep my many things safe whether big or small. The water bottle holder on this pack isn’t the most beautiful water bottle holder we’ve eve seen – but it works just fine and reallyyy expands. 4 zippers for the side pocket access, 2 zippers for the smaller side pockets, and the last zipper on the back for the laptop/tech compartment. Inside, 3 configurable FlexFold dividers keep gear organized, protected, and not bunched at the bottom of your bag. Dedicated sleeves for up to 15” laptop, tablet, or documents, plus a variety of internal slip pockets for small items.

So I really like the fact that I can get to my gear from both sides. We’ll get into these dividers in a minute, but are different ways to set this back up, depending on what type of equipment you’re bringing with you. And finally there is a large zipper at the top that gives you access to this back compartment.