15 Affordable Alternatives For Louis Vuitton Onthego Tote

I stumbled across this tote on instagram and was instantly intrigued. I immediately thought this could be a much, much cheaper alternative to a Dior Book Tote. The styles are not similar, but I do feel like the Orla tote gives me the structure and a colorful design that a Dior Book Tote would give. I have located this bag as low as $80 on DSW.com, but it can also be found on many other retailer sites. The past few years have been all about the “TBE” AKA “Tiny Bag Energy”; These micro and nano bags make a big statement due to their abnormally small size and lack of clear function.

However, they quickly became fans’ favorites for their functionality and stunning design.

If you like something more casual and less dressy, you could consider getting the Canvas Square Utility Tote from Pottery Barn. The canvas bag has contrasting leather handles and features two internal pockets for your organizing purpose. Tote bags have become a popular trend in the last few years. When a company comes up with a successful product, others would follow suit and produce something similar. I don’t believe the ONTHEGO tote is strictly original; it is a simple square/rectangular shape tote that has been around forever. Most companies did put in the effort to add in their design elements to make it their own.

lv book tote

The sizes correspond roughly, so there’s no huge difference between them. Dior official website and examined the variety of items there. They have been released recently, so there are not so many of them on the pre-loved market. On the other hand, hook closure in Louis Vuitton Onthego allows securing the stuff you carry. Dior Book Tote is more practical for fashionistas that need to easily access their belongings, as it doesn’t have any closure. As the name suggests, this bag was created for active people who want to just grab the nearest purse from the shelf and put all the necessary belongings inside.

Buying an over $3000 tote is not on my daily expense schedule. If I ever travel to Paris or Italy again, I may pick one up as a souvenir if it is still an available item. Spending thousands of dollars on an item that I may not get to use much feels like a waste. On top of that, I have so many other fabulous bags that I love using; for now, I will just let ONTHEGO sit on my wish list and maybe get one when the time is right.